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Uhm yeah, haven't posted for a while... but, I come bearing interesting stuff. ^.~

I was playing around with an image originally used for a silkscreen project done for a class. For the heck of it, transfered the image to a linoleum and printed the thing out. When I say print, I mean... I sat there and did the entire thing by sheer brute force... inking the linoleum with a little rubber roller, and then applying pressure to the insanely delicate rice paper so that the ink will pass to the page (which was also cut by hand). Long and tedious work... The kind where you want to start screaming like a loon if something goes wrong... lol.

Okay... here the images:

The paper is rice paper... very delicate and a little sheer, which can be seen in the photos. For the most part the page size is 9"x16", image size(nonvariable) is 5"x12". Ink is black watersoluble block printing ink from Speedball. The ink is also matte, not glossy by any stretch of the imagination. 'Artsy-type' info still hasn't been added to them... though, I kind of like them without that sort of thing written across the bottom.

I'm contemplating putting them up on ebay for sale. Good idea? Bad idea? Suggestions?
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