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Dear Comm:

A friend of mine recently told me 'holy crap watari is canonically gay? win.'

Of course, this IS Yami no Matsuei. All the guys are gay by fandom. But. Canonically is another matter entirely considering a close friendship could be mistaken for canon homosexuality. So, I asked for where she heard this.

First, the quote: First of all, it's "King of Swords: Part III", and the only(maybe not only -_-) person that's yaoi is Muraki. Seriously, Yami no mastuei is not "Yaoi Land"!!! A lot of people will attempt to hurt you if you say something like that. I should know, a lot of people love this show and/or manga.

The last manga volume totally had a yaoi scene in it. Too bad they were both unimportant 1-shot characters.... Muraki is the least yaoi chara; only wants Tsuzuki's body so he can restore his brother so he can kill him again & again (plus he already has a girlfriend). The romance star (with Tsuzuki dead center) includes Hisoka, Tatsumi, & the count. Watari accidently blurted out that he he was gay to a girl when they were talking about hair. Tatsumi could easily steal Tsuzuki for himself if he ever gets over his blame-game issues & low self esteem. In fact before the haitus, a group of fans were discussing how Tatsumi & Hisoka could become rivals while Tsuzuki remained oblivious.

Second, link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk:Descendants_of_Darkness#Ugh.21

Yeah, I know, it's Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not reliable. But I feel the need to pursue the truth! This is the first time I've ever heard of this "moment" so I highly doubt it. But if I have somehow missed it (I don't know how I could have...) then please please correct me. Thank you very much.

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