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Hihi! I know that I haven't ever posted here or anything... but, since I was playing around in my notebook the other day and just sketched this out on a whim... I decided to post this little pic here. Yeah, I know, it sucks big time, the hair isn't very detailed and 003 is large and fat. I'm so horrible for subjecting everyone to this terrible Watari pic... the only thing that even looks decent is his hand, and that sucks too. T_T

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I made a few new Watari icons. Personally, out of all the new ones, the only one I like is my Artist Choice, "Autumn Beauty". But hey, if you like any of them, knock yourselves out:

Animanga100 Challenge on GJ

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Hi! I'm just a major fan is all. I don't do a lot of fan art or write any fanfiction, but I made a few icons that anybody can use if they want them. You can find them at this journal entry here .  Feel free to let me know if you snag one, but I don't care about credit.

Nice to meet you all!

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This is a little sketch I did for [livejournal.com profile] kata_elf, who requested Watari in drag.

Farbeit from Watari to do anything by halves!



Apr. 21st, 2005 08:35 am
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We missed Watari's birthday! I feel so dirty, I had a nice Doujin all lined up and everything!
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Because my mom woke me up early to reset the fuse box, so I had time before getting ready for Easter dinner...

Happy Easter!

The Chicken and the Bunnies )

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New to the community, obviously, but not new to the series. Watari is my fave, followed only by Rikugou. But, as no one really cares about him...
Um, I write poor fanfiction, but as to actually posting it, we'll see. *blush* It is really very bad and I am rather shy...So hi all and I'm so glad this is here. *runs and hides*


Feb. 2nd, 2005 03:42 pm
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Some Watari art for the new year! Enjoy everyone.



Jan. 21st, 2005 08:37 pm
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I'm new to this comm (as you can guess, heh) and I am an unapologetic Watari fangirl. :D Yep, he's my favorite YnM character, especially when slashed with Tatsumi. There is something terribly hot about Tatari.

I mostly write, although I occasionally will draw things. I'm really bad at icons and wallpapers *leblush* but will probably have things to contribute in the near future. After I've re-watched the anime 60 million times and stopped rewinding it just to watch the bits with Watari in over...and over...and over again :D

So, yes: lovely to be here. Hi. :D

Eli :D
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A silly little Watari/Muraki/Tatsumi comic I did ^-^, tis worth a giggle of two.
Hope you enjoy it!

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Watari/Tatari Christmas Icons I Made: Because It's On GJ
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Just a quick note; I would appreciate it if you answered my poll about Watari [here]. There's only one little question, but I really want to know what people think about the thing. So, go there and give me your opinion! XD

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I'm trying to find more Watari/Tsuzuki fics for my web site (003's Fic Recs), but I'm coming up short. I've seen a few here on LJ, and I was wondering if the authors would let me to host their fics. or if you have a fic rec, I'd love to know about it! so please let me know!
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...Watari/Terazuma? Anyone? ^_^;;;


Oct. 14th, 2004 07:41 pm
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Here are some icons I made! I'm posting the link to the original posts to save some time and space. (Oooo to the vast reaches of time and spaaaace!!)

Most Recent Icons

A Couple of Days Ago

Quite a Bit Older

I think that's all of them. Now I have to go change into something more comfortable and pretend that I really am awake before my friend playing Muraki kills me for zoning out or somesuch thing. Or my friend playing Tatsumi, for that matter. *loves them so* If anyone is bored and wants to read any of the transcripts, just leave a comment and I'll post them. I won't guarantee anything incredibly awesome and glaringly wonderful play... but it's at least a little amusing.

My RP Journal for the summary of what's going on. *wanders off to get some green tea*
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Community rules are to introduce myself so... the best way I can think of doing that is through a survey. So...

Something About Me )

Other than hardcore facts, there isn't much to say except, hello!! Also: I'm not a good fic writer, but I do make wallpapers and icons and I do role play sooo... yeah! ^.^
And would anyone like some Watari icons? Because I got this truck load of them... *points* And er... yes! I need to make lunch, or dinner, or whatever is appropriate for 3pm. Nice to be here! And hopefully... there will be life here eventually.
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Hello, everyone.

After posting a couple of wallpapers on my personal LJ, I was directed to come here, join, and post the appropriate wallpaperage on pain of...well, okay, the torment wasn't named, but I'll assume it would be severe. ^_~ This and a couple of others have also been posted at one (or both) of the following locations - kagetsu_master, yami_no_matsuei.

And now, the wallpaper:



And that's all from me right now. I hope you enjoy them and anything else I might toss up here in the future. I'll likely be rather quiet though...busy busy me.

...right. I will stop rambling now. (Who's bad at saying "hi" in new communities? Not me, really! ^^;)
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Title: The Face of a Sleeping Shinigami
Characters: Tatsumi x Watari
Rating: PG-13, perhaps R (not explicit)
Genre: Vignette, no plot
Summary: Watari is privileged to experience what few ever do
Words: 720
Notes: For [livejournal.com profile] wordofastory (and a few others who surprised me with wanting this), because Sleeping!Cute!Tatsumi is impossible to resist and should be Meifu's secret weapon. Thanks to those who helped beta this small work. Much appreciated.
Posted to: [livejournal.com profile] kagetsu_master, [livejournal.com profile] watari_003, and [livejournal.com profile] tatari (sorry about the spammage, but I know a few of you were promised this piece).
Watari watches Tatsumi sleep... )
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Hello, my name is Spren and I'm requesting your assistance with a fannish project I'm organizing. I am looking to put together fandom's largest character study database. I've created a sister community to [livejournal.com profile] idol_reflection(the original one), strictly for the anime and manga fandoms. If you love to talk about your OTC (one true character, Watari ) and want to share your thoughts, first impressions, as well as provide insight into what makes the character tick, head over to [livejournal.com profile] reflections_2 and sign up.

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